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Dependence on the suggestions on handbook or less consultation from the tour office and hotel staff can make you spend money "injustice" in many services that ... Views


Pick a human hand under the bed or to clean up the "waste" scattered around the hotel is unforgettable in the craft room service. On Reddit - an entertainment ... Views

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Hotel reservation system online, provide optimal solutions to help users search and booking system and keep the room confirmed immediately, diverse payment methods, customer service 24/7 . award The 2013 Guide for E-Commerce Website for Best Travel Vietnam. & Advantages of Vietnam:

- Meet all requirements of the customer can from individuals to organizations, irrespective of geographical location.

- Provides diverse, full of all kinds of hotel, room type.

- Customer service enthusiastic, attentive 24/7.

- Flexible payment, fast and safe.

- Always have incentive programs, promotions, special discounts for groups, companies and organizations.

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